Please give me a call and let us help you.




House Cleaning
We come in and clean your love ones home after they have passed away so you don't have to. We try to take some of the grief off of you.

Junk Removal
We will come in and remove the junk that you no longer want to deal with. If you have had a love one to pass and need of some one to come in an clean up you call us.

Closet Clean Out
We will come in and remove the clothing and other belongs of you passed love ones. Some times that is the hardest thing to do.

Furniture Removal
I will come to the home of your Love ones an remove what you don't want or can't deal with your self. I can take the furniture as payment of the work if it looks like I can make something off of it. Or we can discuse what to do with it.

Nick nacks
I will clean an or remove the nick nacks from your Love ones home for you. We can discuse what to do with them, if you want them packed up for other familys members. Or if you want to dispose of them.

Kitchen Applainces and Dishes
I will discuse with you what you would like to do with the kitchen just as I will for the rest of the home. And we can deside if you would like to keep them or have them packed up.

Office Cleaning